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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ghatothkach (2008)

In Ghatothkach, Bheem and his demon wife Hidimba have a son Ghatothkach, who has the rare combination of strength and proficiency in the art of magic. When Kaurava Duryodhan learns that Ghatothkach is his future slayer, he decides to stop the problem at the root. The two comic-demons sent to kill him are not successful. While baby Ghatothkach slays one of them the, other cops-out and lies that he’s done the job. Which is not true, of course. Little Ghattu, as his mother calls him, spends his days strolling in the forest and he makes friends with an adorable baby elephant Gajju, who follows him around to learn magic. Years later, when they’re grown up (Ghatothkach looking rather unappealing with a pot belly and bushy moustache, much like the cartoon character Obelix), Gajju is still funny because he continues to goof up his magic mantras and causes mayhem. Ghatothkach becomes involved in his cousin Abhimanyu’s (the stud of the film) love affair with Surekha (an annoying rajkumari sort who’s more helpless than the story book princesses you’ve grown up with). Since the Pandavas are facing exile, Surekha’s parents are keen to get her married to the wealthier Kauravas (Duryodhan’s son Lakshman, shown to be effeminate in the film)

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